Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson urges constituents to get energy advice this winter from the Home Heat Helpline


Bill Esterson, the Labour MP for Sefton Central, is encouraging his constituents to call the Home Heat Helpline for help paying energy bills and keeping warm in winter.

The MP has heard from a number of constituents who have had help in previous years and he is also keen to make sure that people in Aintree, Melling, Crosby, Formby, Maghull and Lydiate know who to contact for help.

Bill Esterson said: "There was 18,200 people who died as a result of having a cold home last year and that was a mild winter. Sadly, many people in our area suffer from living in a cold home too. And the reality is that help is available from the Home Heat Helpline. You can call for help with energy bills and with help keeping warm in winter on 0800 336699.
"I know of a number of elderly people living near me in Maghull who find their energy bills really high and who struggle to pay them. For people in work as well it is often a choice between heating and eating, which is one reason why so many working people are using the foodbanks here and in Crosby. But the Home Heat Helpline can help to cut energy bills so it is worth calling them.

BillHomeHeatHelpline-2014.JPG“A number of you have told me how the Home Heat Helpline has helped you in the past. One lady in Crosby told me how the Home Heat Helpline told her how to go on the lowest tariff for her energy bills and is saving £15 a month. Meanwhile, a man in Aintree said that he had cavity wall insulation fitted and the Home Heat Helpline told him about the discount he could get. We need lower energy bills and that is why it is right that Labour will freeze energy bills if we win the election next year. But in the meantime, the Home Heat Helpline is there to help."

Bill Esterson met Jim from the Home Heat Helpline at the launch of their winter campaign. Jim told Bill Esterson that the Home Heat Helpline can give advice on heating and radiators, switching energy companies, saving electricity in the kitchen by keeping your freezer full, keeping warm using draught proofing kits, using energy efficient light bulbs, putting appliances on standby, turning off taps to save hot water and making your home energy efficient.

Bill Esterson said: "Jim told me some really good tips for cutting energy bills and for making your home warmer. I would really encourage as many people as possible to call the Home Heat Helpline."