Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson to meet property management company tasked with selling Sainsbury's Crosby Village properties

Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson has welcomed news that Sainsbury's are preparing to sell their properties in Crosby Village.

Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson is to meet with Colliers International after it was revealed that the property management company had been drafted in by Sainsbury's to sell off the supermarket giant's properties in Crosby Village.

The regeneration of Crosby Village has been on standstill after Sainsbury's plans to build a huge superstore in the Village were rejected.
Sainsbury's owns properties throughout the Village which would have been demolished and replaced by the new store if the plans had been given the go ahead.
Since then, the company has invested in its existing store and announced that it now has no plans to expand.
But as they now own so much of the Village, campaigners feared that with no plans to regenerate the town centre, the Village would continue to decline.
Bill Esterson has been urging Sainsbury's to take action in the Village and has welcomed news that they are selling off the properties they own.
Bill said: "Crosby Village has been stuck in a stalemate for far too long. The village needs urgent regeneration so we can attract new businesses which in turn will  attract shoppers back.
"But this stalemate has been leading to the gradual death of Crosby Village. Now that Sainsbury's have finally agreed to sell off the other properties they own in Crosby, we can start the long process of breathing new life back in to the Village.
"I have requested a meeting with Colliers International to discuss with them what sort of businesses are needed to help the regeneration of the Village.
"We want a Village that is vibrant, that has the retail offering that the people of Crosby want and need and the leisure and the licensed premises that will attract people in not just from Crosby, but also further afield."
Bill Esterson said he was confident retailers want to come to Crosby.
Bill said: "There is so much potential in Crosby Village that I am sure major retailers want to come here.
"But what we really need is a mix of businesses which serve the wider interests of this community. We need large retailers mixed with small local businesses. We need retail mixed with leisure, food and drink.
"Crosby Village needs to have something for everyone. For all ages and for all sectors of this community and wider to attract the visitors that will help make our local businesses a success.
"And what Crosby Village needs is for things to finally start moving and the regeneration of the heart of this community to be bolted back to life.
"That's what I have been pushing for and what I will continue to push for in my forthcoming meetings with both Colliers International and Sainsbury's."
Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson has welcomed news that Sainsbury's are preparing to sell their properties in Crosby Village.