Sefton Central Labour MP slams cuts in HMRC staff numbers

Bill Esterson


Bill Esterson, the Labour MP for Sefton Central has questioned the ability of Her Majesty’s Revenue, Customs & Excise (HMRCE) to enforce legislation after cuts in staff numbers in a debate in parliament.

Bill was speaking in a debate on the rise in tobacco duty and raised the issue of the government to collect the tax on cigarettes at a time when it is sacking so many staff.

Bill said: "Many HMRCE staff live in Sefton and many of them make sure that taxes are collected and that smuggling of cigarettes is tackled.

"By cutting the jobs of many staff, the government is making it harder to collect taxes. It is also removing the income from many hard working families in Sefton.

"This is having a big knock on effect on businesses and on the economy of Sefton. The cuts in staff will hurt people in Sefton and will also reduce the amount of tax collected, both of which will harm the economy and reduce our ability to tackle the deficit. The government should think again."