School cuts bite in Sefton Central

School_funding.jpegSefton Central MP Bill Esterson has slammed the Government for cuts to
school budgets and called on Education Ministers to think again.

Bill Esterson MP said, "Proposed changes to funding by the Government
will lead to reductions in school budgets. This follows a number of
years in which there have been no increases in funding, and after
schools have already had to pay extra in pension and national
insurance contributions.

"Primary and Secondary schools in Formby, Maghull, Crosby, Aintree, Melling and Lydiate rank among the very best in the country. I am therefore united with parents, teachers and pupils in wanting to maintain and exceed this proud record. And so it is devastating for schools in Sefton that they face some of the biggest
cuts in funding from this government.

After meeting with Headteachers of Primary Schools in Sefton Central, Bill
Esterson MP, has demanded the Government take note not just of the
damage the cuts will do in undermining school achievements that have
taken years of hard work, but also warned that the effect of these
cuts will be totally self-defeating.

 Bill Esterson said, “As a result of the cuts , a typical single form
entry primary school in my constituency faces a cut of £75,000 or more
out of a total budget of £800,000, equivalent to the loss of 4 support
staff. For larger primary schools and for secondary schools, the cuts
are far higher and the numbers of staff affected far greater. This
loss of staff will have a significant impact on children.

"Head teachers have told me that support staff are essential in
ensuring teachers are as effective as possible. Having teaching
assistants also means that children who have additional needs are
supported, without other children's education being affected. Hard
working teaching assistants
also compare extremely well with the option of children having to be
in much more expensive alternative provision or special schools.

"The proposed cuts in my constituency are bad for schools and for
children. They are a false economy both because they add to the
overall cost of education and also because of the negative impact on
our economy. I have therefore written to Justine Greening, the
Secretary of State for Education to make plain the impact and I hope
they will reconsider their proposals and reverse these cuts so that
children, staff and parents across Sefton can continue to deliver
excellent results.”

Bill Esterson MP is pictured being presented with letters from parents
and from staff and governors at St Nicholas Church of England Primary
in Crosby.