Labour-run Lydiate Parish Council begins process of drawing up Neighbourhood Plan in an effort to defend village from inappropriate development

Andy Wilson and John Bailey

Labour-run Lydiate Parish Council has started initial steps in creating a Neighbourhood Plan in an attempt to protect the village against inappropriate development.

Newly elected Labour councillors on the parish council passed a motion to reverse a stance by the previous Lib Dem administration which opposed adopting a Neighbourhood Plan.

But new Labour parish council chairman Cllr John Bailey, and vice-chair Cllr Andy Wilson, who are both greenbelt campaigners, say Lydiate needs to be protected from inappropriate development which will damage the community of Lydiate.

Cllr Wilson said: "Cllr Bailey and I are both adamant on this - Lydiate needs to be protected from the previous Tory-Lib Dem Government's National Planning Policy Framework which was nothing more than a Developers' Charter allowing big business to build what they want and where they want. This new Tory Government have made clear they will only go further in opening our greenbelt for development.

"The parish council's Neighbourhood Plan gives us at least some protection from the developers who will otherwise run rough-shod over the views of this community.

"That is why my Labour colleagues and I started the process to reverse the stance of the Liberal Democrats who had 100% control of Lydiate Parish Council prior to last month's elections and commence working towards creating a Neighbourhood Plan to safeguard the interests of Lydiate against proposed developments, particularly around the Tyson's Triangle area.

"It was clear that the Lib Dems were sticking their heads in the sand on this. Local parish councils throughout Sefton have adopted Neighbourhood Plans to safeguard their local communities. Lydiate was being left exposed through the failure of the previous Lib Dem administration to create one.

"The Labour group in Lydiate have the clear view that to safeguard the interests of the residents, we need to have a Neighbourhood Plan in place. 

"Because of the failings of the Lib Dems, we are months if not years behind the stance taken by many other Sefton parish councils who have adopted a neighbourhood plan but we help with as a matter of urgency we can get to position to safeguard the interests of Lydiate.

"The parish clerk has been asked to submit a report to the parish council at its next meeting with a view to moving forward on this issue.

"We need to do some work and collaborate with local community groups to protect the interests of our community against developers who are seeking to build on the waves of land surrounding Lydiate. At long last, under the control of Labour, Lydiate Parish Council is beginning that work."