Labour MP Bill Esterson praises Merseyside Police for leading fi

Bill Esterson


Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson praised Sefton's police offices for taking the lead in the fight against crime, but warned that Tory-Lib Dem Government cuts were hitting the force hard.

Bill said the latest crime figures showed that Merseyside Police's crime prevention strategy over the years is working.

But the Labour MP said offices have repeatedly raised concerns with him and other Merseyside MPs about the dangerous impact of the cuts on policing in the region.

Bill said: "Merseyside Police has done some fantastic work over the years in combating crime in our communities, through initiatives like Neighbourhood Policing, and in putting in place systems to prevent crime. We are seeing that success of that now through falling incidents of reported crime.

"But the success of previous initiatives will only last so long without the resources to continue them.

"The Police Federation have repeatedly raised concerns about the impact of the massive Tory-Lib Dem Government cuts on police funding.

"Since 2011 when the first wave of government cuts hit Merseyside Police, they have reduced police officer and civilian staff numbers by almost 1,000, in a bid to fill the £61million black hole caused by the Tory-Lib Dem cuts.

"The impact of such huge cuts will have repercussions on policing for years to come."

Bill has met with the Police Federation both here in Merseyside and in Parliament. Each time they reiterate the long term impact of the cuts on policing.

Bill said: "The message from the Police Federation is simple. These cuts are dangerous. They are dangerous for service officers and they are dangerous for members of the public.

"Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy is doing all she can to ameliorate the impact of the cuts, and our service police officers are committed and dedicated to keep our streets safe.

"But the Tories and Lib Dems in Government are working against them.

"I fear for the long term impact of the cuts on crime and on the safety of our streets here in Sefton Central."