Bill Esterson MP: I’m appalled at the way our junior doctors are being treated by this Conservative Government - SIGN THE PETITION

Bill Esterson

I’m appalled at the way our junior doctors are being treated by this Conservative Government.

When we or our loved ones get sick, we all want the comfort of knowing the brightest and best are providing their care. Yet Jeremy Hunt’s shambolic handling of the junior doctor contract negotiations seems designed to push dedicated professionals out of the NHS. In just three days last month, 1,644 physicians registered with the General Medical Council for the certificates they need to work overseas. Normally, they only receive around 20 applications a day.

Our NHS needs more doctors.

Please join me in signing the petition opposing this proposed contract that the British Medical Association have described as ‘unfair and unsafe’ by clicking here.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been contacted by local doctors who’ve told me what the proposed changes would mean to them. One told me they had £40,000 of student debt and after six years of training were just starting out on a salary of £22,600. They said that they’d lose around 30% of their salary and be left struggling to pay their rent and bills. Another local resident told me that both he and his wife are junior doctors with two young children. The new contract would see their income fall significantly and would likely mean one of them having to leave their job because they couldn’t afford the childcare.

Our hard-working doctors must not be made to pay the price of this Government’s financial mismanagement of the NHS and we must not return to the bad old days of overworked doctors, too exhausted to provide safe patient care.

I have written to Jeremy Hunt urging him to withdraw the threat of imposing these contracts and re-engage with a meaningful dialogue with the British Medical Association and NHS staff.

If you’re affected by the proposals, please let me know so I can continue to hold this Government to account for their inept handling of this important issue.

Bill Esterson 
MP for Sefton Central


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