Bill Esterson MP launches campaign to save Maghull Ambulance Sta

Bill Esterson


Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson has launched a campaign to save Maghull Ambulance Station in Lydiate which is earmarked for closure.

The MP fears that the closure is as a result of Tory-Lib Dem cuts, supported by the Lib Dems in Lydiate and Maghull.

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust has announced it is consulting on plans to close the ambulance station on Kenyons Lane in Lydiate.

The move would mean the nearest ambulance station is in Netherton.

Bill said he feared the closure would result in longer waiting times for patients in Maghull and Lydiate and said this was another example of "Tory-Lib Dem cuts endangering lives".

Bill said: "I am gravely concerned about the effect of the loss of the ambulance station in Lydiate on the service's ability to reach people in emergency need right here in Maghull and Lydiate.

"The ambulance service is already over-stretched as it is. I heard just this week that a man in Kirkby died after waiting 80 minutes for an ambulance. I have raised cases with the North West Ambulance Service in which constituents of mine have waited for far too long in the event of emergencies. This included the pensioner who fell down the stairs and lay in a pool of blood for over an hour.

"I know that the problem is being caused directly by the Tory-Lib Dem Government's cuts to our NHS. This is leading to these delays and now I fear that that will get worse for my constituents in Maghull and Lydiate because of the proposed closure of our ambulance station. We already know that ambulances are waiting at A&E as a result of cuts in hospitals. Closing the ambulance station in Lydiate can only add to the potential delays.

"Hard-working and dedicated ambulance service staff are becoming increasingly frustrated at the effects of the cuts on what they do. They can see first hand the impact of the Tory-Lib Dem cuts on the frontline and they have told me they fear things will only get worse. The staff tell me of the concerns they have about the potential closure of the ambulance station and the knock on effect. This could affect people in Crosby and Formby as well as residents in Maghull and Lydiate as there would be one fewer ambulance station from which to reach casualties. With the congestion on our roads, we need as many possible alternatives for ambulances to reach patients.

"I am not prepared to sit back and let these Tory-Lib Dem cuts threaten more lives."

Bill has already launched the Save Our Station campaign and has been drafting support from local residents together with the Maghull and Lydiate Labour Action Teams.

Bill said: "This government's cuts have gone too far. They are endangering lives here in Maghull and Lydiate. 

"It is all very well for local Lib Dem councillors to call on the NWAS to hold off closing the station until after they've tested the plans against public opinion. That is not good enough. We don't need to 'test public opinion'. I can tell you now, the public of Lydiate and Maghull are against this closure

"This closure is wrong and it is a direct result of this Lib Dem-propped up government, supported by Lib Dem councillors. Each cut the government makes is only possible as a result of the support of Lib Dem councillors right here in Lydiate and Maghull.

"Please sign up to the Save our Station Campaign, either by calling into my office at 29 Liverpool Road North or signing the petition online or you can join the campaign by calling the Labour Action Team on 0151 531 1193.

"As residents of Maghull and Lydiate, we cannot sit back and allow this closure to go ahead. Please join me, and the Labour Action Team, in opposing these closure plans."