Aspiring Andy Murrays thank Labour councillors in Lydiate for ensuring that Sandy Lane tennis court is kitted out in time for Wimbledon

Lydiate dad Brendan Nash with son Ben Bowker and nephew Joe Nash on the newly 'netted' Sandy Lane tennis courts.
Labour-run Lydiate Parish Council has served up an ace by quickly ensuring that Sandy Lane's tennis court was kitted out in time for Wimbledon.
The new Labour councillors on Lydiate Parish Council discovered that the nets at the once popular tennis court had been stolen last year.
They quickly ordered new ones to be installed just in time for the Wimbledon rush.
Lydiate resident Brendan Nash contacted parish council vice chairman Cllr Andy Wilson to report the lack of nets, but was delighted to discover that they were being installed that day.
Mr Nash said: "As Andy Murray fever runs through Lydiate I went along to Sandy Lane park with my nephew for a game of tennis, as we do each year. But I was disappointed to find there were no nets.
Lydiate dad Brendan Nash with son Ben Bowker and nephew Joe Nash on the newly 'netted' Sandy Lane tennis courts."The lack of nets stopped the game short. I contacted Cllr Wilson and he immediately responded by saying they were already on the case, the nets had been ordered and would be installed that day!
"I went back with my son, Ben Bowker, and my nephew, Joe Nash, the following day and sure enough the nets were there and we had our game.
"I would like to thank Cllr Wilson and his colleagues. Tennis is a popular game at this time of year, so to have courts without any nets would have been bitterly disappointing for a lot of people here."
Cllr Wilson said since the nets were installed, the Sandy Lane tennis courts were a busy attraction.
Cllr Wilson said: "We all love tennis at this time of year, but I'd argue that there are lots of people who love tennis through the year - taking in to account the weather of course.
"So I am delighted the courts are back up and running in time for Wimbledon, but the parish council is determined to keep them up and running throughout the year, and even improve them over the coming months.
"I would like to thank Mr Nash for sending me his emails, and particularly his selfie with his nephew and his friend actually using the courts.
"I hope we can build on the popularity of tennis in Lydiate so we can generate our own Wimbledon contenders in the future."
Andy Wilson